Perspective on failure…

19 May

Love revisiting that the only way to fail is to quit. Considering FAMOUS failures ALONG with uniting with folk who are works in progress… singers, poets, writers and biz owners. Community is such an awesome tool. As I embark upon rekindling my fire in the area of writing, I’m looking forward to utilizing Hope*Writers.


11 May

Learning a new skill requires practice. I’m trying to learn to enjoy the journey rather than clamoring for the finish line.


17 Feb

5 minute Fridays

When this week’s FMF word was assigned, my mind drifted to the song that goes “Why oh why oh why oh why did I ever leave Ohio?” from the musical Wonderful Town. As I contemplate my use of the word why, it has entailed questioning with my own preconceived notions along with  a desire for the familiar and comfortable. Moving from Virginia to Arkansas and career choice are just a sampling.  Upon retiring some of the same issues resurfaced fortunately not isolation from my Heavenly Father who knows all about me and reminds me of His Hand on my life.


11 Feb



When consider the idea of  privilege my mind is drawn to things I’m grateful for i.e. family, friends, health, shelter, etc realizing that though almost everyone in my circle shares the same things that many outside my daily contacts do not.  Far too many times  I, dare I say we, feel entitled which is  a barrier to contentment and gratitude.

Home, James

10 Feb

I loved this engaging story of a 13 year old’s adjustment to a Middle School after living numerous years in China. The story is compelling and begs for a sequel. It’s amazing how unlearned we are when it comes to interpersonal relationships with those who are different from us. The ideal audience is youth from 10 years on up though educators would glean some understanding as well.


25 Nov

When I think of the word familiar, a variety of things come to mind.  People, places, roads enroute to treasured destinations, etc.  Familiarity in terms of traditions, however comfortable, can keep me in a rut.  When making plans for a lengthy trip I love nothing more than traveling highways and byways I’m well acquainted with.  Locally is another story.  Getting a wee bit lost is kind of adventuresome and fun.  The challenge is to not become so comfortable with the known aka familiar that I’m unwilling to venture outside my comfort zone making new things become “old hat.”


19 Nov

I’m a master of offering an excuse instead of a firm commitment. Knowing this is not my unique dilemma makes it a bit more palatable.  These days I’m seeking to have more dispositions in my life ie genuinely loving others, extending hospitality to those outside my natural circle of friends, awareness and response to prisoners whether literal,y imprisoned or those needing to find freedom in Christ, finding contentment in the eternal rather than th transitory.  As I continue on this journey called life, I’m seeking to savor the process rather than clamoring for the destination  NO EXCUSE for anything less!



12 Nov

This week’s word jumped off the page.  Only in recent months have I come to cherish solitude and silence.  In   intentionally set apart moments, I’ve been able to hear both my own voice and the still small whisper of the Holy Spitit. What a gift!


5 Oct

Trust hasn’t come easily for me.   I learned the hard way not to be overly trusting.  Sad to say, in some ways even God had to prove Himself. The concept of the Lord as my earthly Father was not a comforting thought.  Fortunately a combination of things have altered that over the years.  Today I’m grateful for the gift of discernment along with dependable friends.   It is my desire to be both approachable and a trustworthy friend for those the Lord brings across my path.


5 Oct

My desire is for my hope to be firmly rooted in in the person and work of Jesus Christ.   A grain of mustard seed is minuscule so it really isn’t the amount of faith but the object of my faith that makes the difference in terms of what faith looks like in my day to day life.  My hope is growing as I deepen my walk.